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Dry Needling

Our team at Awaken Chiropractic uses dry needling as part of our holistic care model that helps with muscular pain.  Not only does it help with myofascial dysfunction, it provides muscle relaxation of trigger points throughout the body.  We want to help our communities of Parker and Denver to be free of pain, and have an increased quality of life that dry needling and chiropractic care bring.

Our trained team utilize incredibly fine point needles that are similar to the thickness of hair.  We know exactly when and where to place the needles to utilize trigger points for relief.

Dry Needling can help with

* Bursitis

* Headache/ Migraine

* Knee/ Elbow/ Shoulder Pain

* Lumbar/ Cervical Pain

* Myofascial Pain

* Running/Athletic Injuries

* Sciatica

* Stroke



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