If you’re an internet sleuth who loves to research the latest treatment methods and medical advancements, you may have come across the Torque Release Technique or TRT. 

This revolutionary therapeutic method has recently won the favor of chiropractors around the globe due to its many benefits. In this article, we will outline 3 of the most compelling benefits of the Torque Release Technique.


Benefit #1: TRT is Safe

Before we dive further into the benefits of TRT, it’s important that we discuss safety. After all, if a treatment comes with a high level of risk, most patients are going to choose an alternative option.

Fortunately, TRT has been shown to be safe for many patient populations including children, adolescents, and pregnant women. Because the treatment relies on gentle pressure, it can be used on virtually any patient.

However, your chiropractor will always conduct a thorough examination to determine whether there are any contraindications (reasons why a certain treatment would be unsafe) for you. Additionally, she will explain to you the possible risks and possible benefits of every treatment suggestion so that you can make an informed decision about your chiropractic care.


Benefit #2: TRT is Effective

Outside of treatments being safe, perhaps the most important element related to any medical procedure is whether or not it works. 

TRT imparts a small amount of force in order to adjust the spine through the use of The Integrator. Furthermore, this technique can introduce an element of right or left torque to further specify the adjustment based on the patient’s needs.

This specificity in torque direction allows the chiropractor to have increased control over how she performs her manual treatments.

According to many chiropractors and patients, TRT is extremely effective in improving patient outcomes and addressing symptoms. The treatment reduces tension in the spine, allowing the nerves of the body to more easily transmit impulses to their intended targets.

Also, TRT normalizes muscle tone throughout the body. Many individuals (through disease processes, injuries, or stress) can experience tonal abnormalities which may affect their daily function and cause pain. Through adjustments made with TRT, muscle tone is restored to normal levels, and patients can return to their lives, pain-free.

Benefit #3: TRT Produces Repeatable Results

Your chiropractor had to go through years of schooling and training so that she could learn the complex treatment techniques she uses on patients. As a result, she is a highly skilled clinician who can produce reliable results through hands-on treatments. However, with the use of a calibrated instrument such as the integrator, she can be certain that every adjustment is made with the exact same force, at the exact same angle, every time.

The reliability inherent in TRT provides both chiropractors and patients with peace of mind that the treatment was precise. Further, adjustments can be more easily made if patients did not achieve a desired outcome after the first TRT treatment.



The Torque Release Technique is a safe, effective, and repeatable treatment for many issues within the body. Patients of all ages with a variety of diagnoses can benefit from the use of TRT. 

Beyond patient benefit, chiropractors also experience significant improvement in treatment outcomes through using TRT. Additionally, chiropractors put less stress on their own bodies by leveraging TRT technology.

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