Meet Dr. Alex Willard at Awaken Chiropractic in Parker, CO

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Alex grew up in Michigan in a household with appreciation for health with a mother who was a nutritionist. Through his love of sports, he became increasingly interested in the human body and what it’s capable of. In attempts to understand the body better and overall health, he decided to enter into the chiropractic world.

Dr. Alex studied the chiropractic art and philosophy at Life University in Marietta GA for 4 years. There, he studied how the body functions and how to help take care of it to get to the root cause of overall health. He graduated in June of 2016 and decided Colorado was his new home.

Here, he spends his time outside of the office in the Colorado outdoors with everything it has to offer! He and his wife Cindy love to go hiking, run Spartan Races, CrossFit, and anything else outdoors! You may find them exploring a new trail in the mountains, downtown Denver, or at a festival with their dog Winston on a sunny weekend.