Here are some inspiring stories from Awaken Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Clients

Scott has had on and off again low back pain for the past 3 years from sitting at a desk all day and working out hard in Cross Fit box’s from Georgia to here in Colorado. After starting gentle, specific, chiropractic care, Scott noticed he could workout in his cross fit gym including kettle bell swings without pain when they always aggravated his low back in the past and would hurt for days! Now, Scott can work out and spend long days at work without worrying about the low back pain coming back and be able to push himself in the gym harder than he was able to before because he no longer has the pain!

Matt has had pain in his shoulder and neck which has caused him to have tension headaches for 4 years following a shoulder injury. After starting under gentle, specific, chiropractic care, Matt’s shoulder pain, neck pain, and tension headaches are completely gone! Now, Matt can work out better with increased range of motion in his shoulder, and can work long days at a desk without worrying about pain in his neck or tension headaches putting a squeeze on his day!

Stacy is a mother of two with low back and hip pain that has been around for the past 6 months. She would carry her kids on her hip which caused everything to be out of line. She couldn’t even stand in church more than a half hour before the pain in her back flared up! After starting gentle, specific, chiropractic care Stacy no longer has pain in her low back or hip and can now stand throughout the church service without experiencing any pain in her back!

Rachelle has suffered from on and off migraine headaches and classic migraine auras on a weekly basis for years. The headaches weren’t always there but the visuals would appear multiple times a week, especially after looking at a computer monitor for several hours each day. After starting gentle, specific, chiropractic care, she now no longer gets visuals and can sit in front of a computer at work not needing to worry about her visuals or migraine arising.