Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a complicated disease that affects millions of people every year. 

DM causes a host of issues throughout the body. Truthfully, almost every system in the body is profoundly affected by diabetes. 

Thankfully, chiropractors help diabetics deal with the many issues associated with this disorder. 

In this article, we will review the basics of diabetes and demonstrate how regular visits to your Parker chiropractor can help you manage this disease.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes refers to a host of different conditions related to insulin. 

Insulin is a hormone found in our bodies. It is produced by the pancreas and it serves to deposit blood sugar (glucose) into the cells of the body. 

When insulin is in short supply, or if it is unable to perform its job properly, our blood sugar can rise to dangerous levels. High blood sugar leads to a variety of symptoms ranging from mild headaches to coma and death, with many different issues in between. 

While there are some forms of diabetes that are based on genetics and other uncontrollable factors, type II diabetes is largely avoidable.

In fact, research has shown that even small changes in diet and exercise routines can lead to improved blood sugar control and decreased symptoms in those with type II diabetes. 

Also, chiropractic care seems to improve the issues seen in diabetics as well.


Who is at Risk for the Development of Type II Diabetes?

All forms of diabetes likely have some genetic and environmental components. However, when it comes to type II diabetes, lifestyle plays a big role.

In most cases of type II DM, patients are significantly overweight/obese and eat a nutrient-poor diet. Furthermore, many of these patients are sedentary, meaning that they achieve little or no exercise in a given day. As was mentioned in the previous section, by simply addressing these components of lifestyle, individuals with type II DM can often experience rapid and impressive improvement with regard to their symptoms.


How Is Diabetes Treated?

For those who suffer from type I diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent diabetes, the most common treatment is injectable insulin. When these patients aren’t able to obtain any insulin from their pharmacy, they can suffer serious consequences and even death.

Some diabetics are prescribed drugs such as Metformin to help with their symptoms. However, these drugs come with many side effects.

Often, the best way to help patients with diabetes is to encourage exercise, healthy diets, and chiropractic care. 


Chiropractic Care for Diabetes: Top 3 Benefits

In this section, we’ll review the incredible benefits diabetics experience by visiting their chiropractor regularly.


Benefit #1: Decreased Neuropathy Symptoms

One of the issues that many diabetics experience is peripheral neuropathy. Essentially, this means that they lose feeling in their hands and feet.

Chiropractors can improve the connection between the spine and these body regions by performing specific manipulations. This usually leads to improved sensation and decreased symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.


Benefit #2: Improved Blood Glucose Control

Every system in the body interacts with the brain and spine. By improving spinal alignment, chiropractors enable patients’ spines to better communicate with the pancreas and with other areas of the body. Because of this, patients who receive regular chiropractic treatments may experience improved blood glucose levels.


Benefit #3: Better Overall Health

Those who attend chiropractic sessions tend to be healthier than the average person overall. These individuals prioritize their health and take natural, proven steps to improve issues they experience, such as complications related to diabetes.

Have you been battling diabetes and aren’t sure where to turn for help? If so, go see your Parker chiropractor at Awaken Chiropractic. We are ready to help. Book your first visit today!

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