Soccer is likely the most popular sport worldwide. Kids in nearly every country grow up playing soccer, and many continue to do so all throughout their lives.


Unfortunately, soccer poses some serious injury risks to participants. In this article, we will examine some of the most frequently seen soccer injuries. Then, we will talk about how chiropractic care can help soccer players recover, improve performance, and avoid injuries in the first place.


What Are the Most Common Soccer Injuries?

When it comes to any sport, there are a variety of injuries from which participants can suffer. In this section, we’ll outline the most common soccer ailments seen in healthcare facilities today.

Ankle Sprains

Soccer requires a significant amount of running, cutting, and changing directions. As a result, the ankles need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently. 

Because of the nature of the sport, many soccer players will suffer from ankle sprains and other, similar injuries. 

Depending on how severe the sprain is, the athlete may need to take anywhere from a few days to many months off while they complete their rehabilitation.



While concussions in soccer may not be as common as they are in high-impact sports like boxing, MMA, and football; these devastating injuries occur very frequently on the soccer pitch.

Concussions in soccer can happen when a player mistimes a header, performs too many headers in a row, or collides head-first with another player on the field.

In the past, concussions were treated very casually, if at all. Now, we understand that concussions are very serious, as they are a form of traumatic brain injury. Those who sustain multiple concussions over their lifetimes are subject to serious issues later in life such as dementia and other neurological disorders.


Muscle Strains

Playing soccer requires strong, flexible muscles throughout the whole body. As a result, soccer players may sustain strained muscles at any period throughout practice or a match.

Muscle strains, much like ligament sprains, are graded on an I-III scale. A more severe strain can take a very long time to recover from. On the other hand, a mild sprain may not even limit a player from full participation one or two days after the injury.


Heat-Related Injuries

Soccer is an extremely demanding sport, which is often played outdoors. As a result, the athletes are subject to whatever weather conditions may be present at the time of the match.

Often, soccer matches are played in very hot and humid environments. As any outdoor athlete knows, sprinting at full speed in hot conditions can lead to cramps, worsened performance, and even very serious injuries such as heat strokes.

For this reason, soccer matches will almost always necessitate the presence of a qualified athletic trainer, or similar medical professional. These individuals keep the athletes safe and ensure that a heat-related injury will not progress to the point where the athlete suffers serious, life-threatening complications. Watching for the early signs of heat-related injuries has become an important focus of sports medicine.


Chiropractic Care and Soccer Injuries

Chiropractors are experts in all things related to the spine. The spine is intimately involved in the healing process for all injuries. Therefore, chiropractic treatments that target any misalignments in the spine can help injured athletes recover more quickly and avoid injuries in the first place. 

Are you or your children avid soccer players? If so, you should consider regular chiropractic treatments as part of your injury prevention strategy. Our expert team at Awaken Chiropractic, your go-to Parker chiropractors, will be happy to help you and your family today. Don’t wait; schedule your appointment today so you can start to feel better sooner!

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