Torticollis can be quite the pain in the neck (literally) with infants. Torticollis can be classified as a severe muscle spasm in the anterior of the neck that causes the head to be pulled down and to the side. It can be painful but usually it’s just holding the head there and looks worse than it really is.


What Causes It?

From the birthing process, misplacement to the upper cervical neck can take place. They actually have found that about 90% of infants are born with misalignment in their neck. It’s not hard to believe children developed issues due to birth. During a natural birth, it takes 40-60 lbs of pressure when pulling on the baby’s head. If in the case of a cesarean section (c-section), re-routing the head and pulling on the baby has been seen to cause as much trauma on the neck as a grade 2 whiplash.

When this trauma occurs in the neck, the nerves are impinged and causes the muscles around it to spasm. The surgical method to correct this is to cut the muscle to allow the head to be free. If it were up to me, I’d try every possible way besides that first to correct the torticollis. Other methods include stretching and rubbing to correct the muscle or to re-align the bones that’s causing the issue.

Chiropractic and Torticollis

Correction to the top bone in the neck, the atlas bone or C1 will typically help to resolve the spasm. This will move the tiny bone back into place and the pressure off the nerve and the muscle in question (typically sternocleidomastoid muscle) will start to loosen up. It can take several sessions but progress should be made with each one.

If you have a child suffering from this or know anyone who does, get them checked out immediately to correct the issue. Click on the link below to schedule your assessment for your child today!

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