Hypervolt Percussion Massage

Want to take your adjustments or recovery to working out to the next level? Check out the new office toy, our Hypervolt percussion massage! Since introducing it into the office, our patients have LOVED it to aid along with chiropractic adjustments as a nice 1-2 punch to help them feel better! It not only works with athletes but with desk jockeys as well! We can help work on the tight and stressed areas in the patient’s shoulders and lower back to help them hold their adjustments longer.

Athletes love this especially with recovery. The faster an athlete recovers, the faster and harder they can workout the next day. Whether you CrossFit, are a marathon runner, or just workout on your own time, this can help tight and sore muscles recover faster post-workout or even warm up for a workout pre-workout!

How It Works!

The percussion massage helps to loosen up muscles, and draws blood which in turn helps to clear lactic acid after a workout. Lactic Acid is the byproduct following a workout that causes up to be sore. By clearing it, the body is able to recover faster!

Whether you want just the massage following a hard workout or want to couple with a chiropractic adjustment to maximize the benefits, we can help! Follow the link below in order to set up an appointment to try it out today!


Click HERE to set up your appointment today!

Yours in Health,

Dr Alex Willard

Awaken Chiropractic

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