You’re sitting at a light or going through an intersection and you hear a screeching of tires and look just in time for someone to hit you in your car. After figuring out all the hassle with the accident itself, it’s time to take care of your health. There are about 16,000 car accidents per day in the US and now you are one of them. The whiplash itself comes from the sudden stop and perturbation  in one direction or another that is unexpected by the body. Most people go years before receiving whiplash treatment.

Your neck is the only part of the body where the spine where there is such an intimate relationship between the bone, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. It also supplies the nerves and blood vessels to the arms and rest of the body. A cervical subluxation complex affects the rest of the body that it supplies control to from the nervous system including motor, sensory, and autonomic function. Impacting the neck will alter this function to the rest of the body including pains in the neck which are warning signs of this damage to the body.

Whiplash can be sustained in low AND high speed collisions. Collisions as low as 5 mph can cause whiplash in the neck. So, even if you total your car, you can still have lingering effects from the accident. How many times have you been in a small collision and didn’t feel anything afterwards? After a while, these low impact collisions start to add up and lead to early degeneration in the neck.

Appropriate treatment is essential

Chiropractors are trained in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of a whiplash injury. They can help you not only get out of pain and headaches, but functioning better as well. The earlier you go to see one, the faster your recovery will be. Though, the severity of the impact does impact how long it takes for recovery as well as how long it take you to get checked out. The sooner the better for your outcome.

More than a million people a year have whiplash

Of these people, 10% will have chronic pain for years to come following the accident. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, please get checked out. Your future self will thank you. Check out our deal for $20 to come in and get checked out in order to get yourself back to where you need to be. 

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