Research shows that the most common aches and pains during pregnancy involve the back and neck. This becomes especially apparent during the last few months of pregnancy when your body is under the most amount of stress before birth. Luckily, there are many things you can do to alleviate your pain and discomforts, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy. 

At Awaken Chiropractic, our team has a few tips to help you get through those nine months and appreciate this beautiful and exciting time. Check out our top five tips below, including how chiropractic care can benefit you and your unborn child.


Tip #1: Wear Flat Shoes

Your body is going through drastic changes. Thus, supporting it is key for your and your baby’s health and wellness. As you gain weight in the front due to your growing child, your body also becomes that much more susceptible to injury and pain. 

Specifically, towards the end of your pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called relaxin. This hormone helps the ligaments in your pelvis relax, opening your body up for delivery. Yet, they also impact the ligaments in the feet and ankles. This can cause increased foot pain or issues, which can be compounded by poor footwear. Instead, stick to comfy and flat shoes that support your body and your feet.


Tip #2: Lay on Your Side With a Pillow When Sleeping

Throughout pregnancy, you might feel yourself becoming more and more tired. At the same time, sleeping can become more and more of an issue as discomforts grow. 

To help take pressure off of your lower back and to help you get a good night’s rest, use a full body pillow for nighttime and naps. You can even find pillows specifically made for pregnant individuals. Ideally, you want to be lying on your side, with the pillow in between your knees. This can help lessen any pain and allow you to get to sleep and stay asleep!


Tip #3: When Picking Up Other Children, Bend Your Knees and Push Through Your Feet

If you have an older child, such as a toddler, they might not be used to you not being as hands-on. The good news is that you can still pick them up, as long as you take some precautions to avoid injury. Make sure you bend your knees and push through your feet as you pick up your other children. This can help avoid any injury to your back or pelvis.


Tip #4: Partake in Gentle Movement Each Day

Daily gentle movements can ensure you maintain optimal health throughout your pregnancy and afterward. Try gentle activities, such as swimming, walking, or cycling. Avoid any jumping activities or activities that place pressure on your abdominals. If you become weak, nauseous, or dizzy during exercise, stop immediately. This is your body telling you something is wrong. Additionally, follow any advice given to you by your doctor when it comes to exercise routines or physical activity.


Tip #5: Get Chiropractic Adjustments Regularly

Chiropractic care can help maintain the integrity and alignment of your spine and pelvis throughout pregnancy. In turn, this offers your baby more space to move and prepare for the proper position for birth. It also might allow you to have an easier and less stressful birth, as well as an accelerated recovery. Overall, chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to manage pregnancy discomforts and pain. 

At Awaken Chiropractic, our compassionate and caring team understands the aches and pains that come with pregnancy. We take great care in ensuring you get the best treatment possible so that you can have the best pregnancy possible. Awaken Chiropractic is proud to be your local Parker chiropractor. Book your appointment today!

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