In an office setting, workers often have to maintain long hours, with improper desk set-ups, for years on end. Unfortunately, this daily stress on the body can frequently lead to aches and pains and poor posture. Thankfully, with the help of a skilled chiropractor, these workers can experience relief from their symptoms. 

Common Injuries for Office Workers

Most often, the injuries sustained by office workers include things related to poor posture and repetitive motion such as:


  • Neck pain,
  • Pinched nerves,
  • Low back pain,
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.


Each of these issues can be very tough to deal with in the short term. Without intervention, however, these ailments can lead to life-long problems that never go away.

Furthermore, the injuries listed above lead to costly medical bills, desperate attempts at cures, and general frustration on behalf of the injured worker.


How Can Chiropractic Care Help Injured Office Workers?

For those that have suffered a work-related injury, chiropractic care can be the perfect remedy.

When you see a chiropractor, she will perform a thorough assessment of your current health status, gain insight into your past medical history, and work with you to determine your rehab goals.

From here, she will establish a plan of care that can address common office-related issues. The interventions utilized in said plan of care may include any or all of the following:

  • Soft tissue massage. If your muscles have become extremely tight due to the demands of your job, general life stress, or both, you may benefit from a massage. Soft tissue massages will loosen up your muscles and they often lead to relief of symptoms.
  • Joint manipulation. Sometimes, joints can become subluxed or “stuck” in a certain position. The use of joint manipulations can realign these body regions, decrease pain, release the tension on nerves, and provide many other benefits. This is one of the treatments that chiropractors are known for, and for good reason: joint manipulations are extremely effective for reducing symptoms!
  • Postural exercise. Picture the typical desk worker: hunched shoulders, head jutting forward, and generally poor posture. Through the use of simple exercises and stretches, chiropractors can help to resolve many postural issues that develop from months or years working at a desk. Case in point, something as simple as standing up and stretching for a few minutes after every hour of work can make a world of difference for a patient’s symptoms.
  • Ergonomic intervention. Sometimes, treatment can be as simple as suggesting that the worker raise the seat of his chair or prop up his computer monitor slightly. These small changes can go a long way when it comes to office-related aches and pains. For carpal tunnel syndrome specifically, simply adjusting an office worker’s wrist position may completely solve the issue at hand.


Naturally, chiropractors will always take a holistic approach when treating patients who present with office-related injuries. Every patient is unique, and they should be treated as such. For this reason, a cookie-cutter treatment approach is never appropriate, and individualized plans of care will always be created every time a patient sees his or her chiropractor.


Chiropractic Care for Other Professions

Besides just office workers, chiropractic care can assist workers from many different fields. For instance, chiropractors frequently treat injured workers from industries such as:

  • Construction,
  • Warehouse work,
  • Truck driving,
  • Medical.

As you can see, chiropractic care can assist with virtually any work-related injury, from any different profession.

At Awaken Chiropractic, the premier Parker chiropractor, we see workers with all sorts of different injuries. Whether you’re suffering from pain related to work, school, or something else entirely, we are here to help! Book your appointment today.


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