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Have you ever experienced numbness or burning into your hands of even your feet? It can be annoying to experience on a regular basis especially when you wake up or at the end of a long day at work. Did you know that you’re not the only one and that it can be fixed without drugs or surgery?

It’s estimated that around 3-6% of adults suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome each day in America. Although I wouldn’t strictly categorize this as carpal tunnel, they are very closely related. Think of the numbness or tingling, or even burning as a cousin of carpal tunnel.

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What Is It?

The reason I don’t classify this article as carpal tunnel syndrome is because carpal tunnel is typically only seen in the wrist and hands. Here I’m talking about numbness or pains into the arms and legs. Another difference is that people with carpal tunnel also experience it at the end of the day following working at a desk job where they are typing all day and put a lot of stress onto their wrists and forearms. I encounter people all the time who instead of experiencing it at the end of the day will wake up with it in their arms or hands.

This feeling they experience, may have come out of no where and they never had it before in their life. That’s typically how most ache and pains we encounter will arise. Something builds for years until we wake up one day and it’s there! Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, but it’s also not normal. The nerves that lead to the sensation are being pinched off somewhere between your neck, and your hands. Because of this, your body sends out warning signals to those parts and you feel those aberrant signals in your arms, hands, or feet.

What Can We Do About It?

If you’ve ever experienced these pains, you will literally try anything to get them to go away including shots, new pillow, or a new set of hands if that were possible! Since the nerves are being pinched off, it would make sense to find a way to un-pinch them, right? That’s where we can help and why I’m writing this article.

Through chiropractic, we are trained to find the misalignments in the spine and body that are causing those aches, pains, and weird feelings you experience and to correct them. Through this, we can take away those problems without drugs or surgery, and let the body heal the right way it was meant to, naturally. having numbness, tingling, or burning in your arms or hands can be stemming from the neck as that is where those nerves exit the spine and enter into your upper extremities.

If you are experiencing these pains or hand numbness, please find your closest chiropractor and let them help you live a better life. Click the link below o take advantage of our new patient special if you live in the greater Denver area or South Metro Area.

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