If you have never heard the therm text neck before, you should familiarize yourself as it’s on the rise with today’s youth. it used to be termed for someone who sat at a desk all day, but now it is showing up in younger populations. This is because younger and younger kids have cellphones and text all day or sit on IPad’s.

Why It Happens

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to people watch. You can see how people interact, how they walk, or their posture. Seems kind of nerdy when you write it out but in a profession where that’s what I look at all day and analyze in order to correct, it’s interesting to me. You especially see how someone carries them self when walking if their head is forward or over their shoulders where it should be.

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When you see someone in line at a bank or an airport and they’re texting, how does their posture usually look? The phone is at their waist and head is forward looking straight down. This causes adhesion’s between the bones in the neck causing it to straighten out. This in turn causes tension and pain in the neck and into the shoulder usually on both sides but can be on one or the other side between the shoulder blades. Hold this pose for hours each day to text back and forth and it starts to becomes a real problem. If this persists for long enough then it can lead to headaches and other problems that today’s youth shouldn’t have to endure.

How To Fix

You can take over the counter medications to mask the symptoms and hopefully they feel better. Or, get to the root cause of the issue and correct the bones that are out of place that are putting stress onto the nerves and muscles of the neck so it doesn’t persist into adulthood and become larger problems. Chiropractic can help to put the bones back into place to take away the tension in the neck and shoulders. Also, holding the phone higher when using it so it isn’t straining your neck is another great way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

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