Hip bursitis is often used as a “catch-all” term for many cases of hip pain. Therefore, if you’ve ever had vague hip pain before, and gone to see your doctor, you were probably diagnosed with hip bursitis!

In many instances, hip bursitis will clear up on its own, given enough time, nutrition, and opportunity for healing. However, there are also times when hip bursitis pain will persist for weeks or months, hindering your ability to get through the day.

Chiropractic care can help improve the symptoms of hip bursitis, regardless of how long you’ve been suffering from the condition. Let’s take a deeper look at this tricky condition and explore how chiropractic care might just be the best treatment available.


What Is Hip Bursitis?

Within many of the joints of the body, there are structures known as bursas. In general, these bursas act to protect joints, especially those that experience high levels of wear and tear. 

Unfortunately, when we develop bone spurs, gait deviations, or begin a high-volume exercise regimen, these tissues can become inflamed due to the extreme stress placed upon them. Essentially, the bursa reaches a “breaking point” where it can no longer stand the pressure being placed upon it and it begins to deteriorate.

When this happens in the hip, this condition is known as hip bursitis.


Hip Bursitis Symptoms

In large part, the symptoms of this condition are what you might expect with any overuse issue affecting the joints. Patients with hip bursitis can expect to experience pain, clicking, grinding, and maybe even heat/redness around the hip joint.

In some cases, the pain may be extremely severe, limiting the patient from being able to stand and walk. When patients feel this level of pain, they will search for anything that can help them cope with the symptoms.


Hip Bursitis Treatments

Much like other, similar conditions, hip bursitis can be treated in a variety of ways.

Some clinicians advocate for the use of corrective exercises, such as stretches and strengthening movements. 

Alternatively, some professionals will focus largely on correcting the gait of these patients through the use of gait retraining exercises, orthotics, and/or shoe prescriptions. These treatments can help patients recover from their condition by correcting the movement patterns that are causing stress to the hip joint.

Others may consider surgery and injections, ranging from minor, outpatient procedures to full-on hip replacements. Within this same treatment method, patients will often also be prescribed medications. Sadly, these surgeries and medications pose many risks to patients. Worse yet, if a patient goes forward down a surgical or a medication route, he or she may not be able to reverse course later on. Therefore, these options should always be seen as a last resort. 

Chiropractors offer a unique treatment option that is low-risk, affordable, and effective.


Chiropractic Care for Hip Bursitis

All painful conditions of the body have a relationship to the spine. The spine (and the central nervous system in general) receive input from these painful structures, while also sending out signals to these tissues so that they can heal.

Unfortunately, many people have spines that are misaligned due to subluxations.

Chiropractors primarily work to correct these subluxations through the use of manipulations, also known as adjustments. These treatments take very little time and can offer almost immediate relief to patients. 

In just a few, quick sessions, chiropractors can help patients recover from their ailments.

If you’re looking for relief from your hip pain, whether it’s due to bursitis or some other condition, consider seeking chiropractic care. For those local to the Parker area, the professionals at Awaken Chiropractic are ready to help you get back to your normal. Book your appointment today!

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