Leg numbness is an all-too-common problem. Also known as paresthesia, numbness in the legs can occur due to many different underlying conditions, most of which begin in the low back. 

In this article, we’ll review leg numbness and discuss how chiropractic care can help you overcome this condition!

What Causes Leg Numbness?

To start, it’s important that we differentiate temporary, acute leg numbness from permanent (or chronic) leg numbness. Also, we will examine the middle ground between these two types of leg numbness: intermittent paresthesia.

Acute Leg Numbness

Acute leg numbness can occur for many reasons, most of which are not serious. For instance, you might lose feeling in your foot if you have your feet propped up for too long. Generally, once you get your legs moving again, the sensation will return. You may also experience this same phenomenon in your arms and hands if you fall asleep with your upper limbs draped over your head.

Another example of short-term leg numbness is that which occurs after suffering a trauma to the leg, such as taking a helmet to the thigh during a football game. In this case, the athlete may have some numbness in the leg which resolves over the course of a day or a week.

Long-term leg numbness, on the other hand, tends to be a more serious problem.

Chronic Leg Numbness

Often, chronic leg numbness is the result of a bigger issue. For example, people with diabetes will sometimes develop peripheral neuropathy in which their feet and/or hands lose feeling and strength as a result of the disease process. This is a complicated part of the disease process related to blood sugar regulation.

Another common cause of long-term leg numbness is sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs from the low back down to the foot. If it is pinched at any point along this path, the person will often feel numbness and he or she may lose strength throughout this region. Sciatica is one of the most common low back conditions seen in medical clinics today, affecting thousands of people every year. 

Certain medications may also cause long-term leg numbness. There are many side effects related to medications. So, if you’ve experienced leg numbness that seemingly came out of nowhere, you should investigate whether or not it was due to a new medication you’ve been prescribed. 

Intermittent Leg Numbness

Some cases of leg numbness don’t fall neatly into a short-term or a long-term categorization. These cases of intermittent leg numbness are problematic, as it may be hard to predict when they will occur or for how long they will last. 

Intermittent leg numbness may occur due to a disc issue where the spinal disc has slipped slightly out of place and is putting pressure on the nerve. This may occur only in certain postures, as a result of system-wide inflammation, or for any number of other reasons.

Chiropractic Care for Leg Numbness

Depending on the cause of your leg numbness, chiropractic care might be the perfect solution.

If your issue is the result of a problem stemming from your low back, a spinal manipulation can often relieve your symptoms significantly. These treatments realign the spine and allow the nerves of the back to communicate more effectively with peripheral structures such as muscles and other structures in the leg.

If you’ve been experiencing short-term or long-term leg numbness, you need to find relief! Our professional group at Awaken Chiropractic, your go-to Parker chiropractors, will assess your symptoms and develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs. Schedule your appointment now!

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