Breastfeeding is by far the best decision for feeding a newborn. In the sense of immunity, neurological, digestive, mental, and physical development, there is nothing that can replace natural mild from the mother. But, when there are breastfeeding difficulties, it can be frustrating for the family and add unneeded stress. More and more women are partaking in breastfeeding their infants rather than formula. It is especially important in the first 6 months and can really help both the mother and child.

For the mother, you can burn more calories breastfeeding your child and help to lose some of the weight gained during the pregnancy. For the baby, the mother passes her natural immunity to them that they would otherwise have to build themselves. This natural immunity is called serum IgE and helps the baby build up a natural immunity to the world around it.


When breastfeeding difficulties arise, it’s usually due to the baby unable to latch on. What we have found is that the baby is unable to latch due to a neuro-biomechanical problem that may be stemming from the spine and nervous system. Many providers may be unaware of these issues present so they might oversee how to correct it. Once corrected, the mother and baby may be able to resume normal feeding and become a healthy family. Should it not be corrected, the mother might be inclined to find other methods to feed the baby. Should this be the case then it might not grow up as healthy as it could have been

How to Correct It

What we have found is that infants having difficulty latching respond very favorably under chiropractic care. Among many other things we can help infants with, allowing their body to function correctly in order for them to not be inhibited in order to latch is one of them. The vast majority of infants born have misalignments in their neck from the birthing process. When these misalignments called vertebral subluxations get in the way of normal processes in the body, you can no longer function correctly. A symptom of this is failure to latch or difficulty latching.

By removing these subluxations in the infants neck, we take away the interference it causes. It only takes the weight of a dime to reduce the efficiency of a nerve up to 60%. Imagine what that interference is doing the rest of the body. In order to remove the subluxation, very little force is required for an infant. Only a pound at most is needed for sustained contact in the upper cervical neck to remove it will help the infant. the entire process is so gentle the infant usually sleeps right through it. Typically it can take a few sessions for this to fully resolve but we have seen it helps quite quickly.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I am trained to find and eliminate subluxations in the body. This includes anyone form geriatrics to infants. We want to make sure infants grow up to be healthy adults so we do our best to make sure they are healthy children. If you are having breastfeeding difficulties with your baby, click on the link below to get them checked out.

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