Bad posture causes all sorts of problems for the body. For instance, poor posture can lead to respiratory issues, orthopedic ailments, and even problems affecting the digestive system. Furthermore, bad posture can make it very hard for people to participate in the activities they love, especially when it has been an ongoing issue for many years.

One problem that can arise as a result of poor posture is rib pain. Rib pain is debilitating, as it makes it hard for people to comfortably speak, cough, and even breathe. In this article, we’ll discuss the topics of rib pain and poor posture; then, we’ll take a look at how chiropractic care can help people recover from this condition.

All About Rib Pain

At the top of the ribcage are the firmest ribs, also known as the “true” ribs. We have six of these on each side, and they surround many of our important organs, protecting them from harm

Below the true ribs are four sets of false ribs. These ribs are still protective, but they have an indirect connection to the sternum, in contrast to the direct connection from the true ribs.

Right below the false ribs, we find two sets of floating ribs. These bones have no connection to the sternum but rather only a connection to the vertebrae of the spine.

The true, false, and floating ribs all come together to form the ribcage as a whole. This strong structure is relatively resistant to trauma. However, if a person is hit at a very specific angle, or if there is a bone problem that one develops, these ribs can become damaged or even fractured. Additionally, poor posture can put stress on the ribs, leading to pain in this region.

How to Treat Rib Pain

Because of the position and nature of the ribs, it can be difficult to treat an injury in this body area. Often, a rib fracture or injury is just left to heal on its own, with clinicians encouraging the patient to rest as much as possible. 

In cases of rib pain due to poor posture, on the other hand, treating the pain requires fixing the underlying postural issue. Almost always, this will necessitate improving the alignment of the spine. 

Better spinal alignment can be achieved through exercise. For instance, a person who has scoliosis may respond well to stretching exercises which loosen up restricted muscles on one side of the torso, and strengthening exercises which firm up weak areas on another side of the torso.

Also, fixing your posture by consciously trying to sit and stand straighter or by using corrective tools can help to encourage the spine to straighten out on its own. For example, certain taping techniques can help patients learn to sit with a straighter spine. 

Last but not least, chiropractic care can go a long way toward correcting one’s posture and subsequently decreasing rib pain. 

Chiropractic Care and Rib Pain

Chiropractors have many different potential treatment options when it comes to the treatment of rib pain. By gently pressing on subluxed areas of the spine, your chiropractor can correct many of the postural issues that may be causing your rib pain symptoms. 

Best of all, it typically only takes a few treatment sessions in order for you to realize the benefits of chiropractic care. Some patients even walk out of the door after the first treatment session feeling no pain at all.

Your local Parker chiropractor is ready to help you with your rib pain. Come see us at Awaken Chiropractic today, and we’ll have you feeling better in no time. Book your first session now!

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