Here in Colorado, we pride ourselves in how active we are. Whether this is hiking, skiing up in the mountains, biking, or running. One thing just about anyone who is active will experience in their lifetime is joint pain. This can be a sore ankle, knee, hip, elbow, or shoulder. Like the rest of america, we want the quick fix, but does that always solve our problems? Pop a magic pill and all of our pain goes away, only for it to return sometime later so we can stop, pop, and repeat as many times as needed. Is there a better solution?

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The CDC Estimates 15 Million in the US with Joint Pain 

According to the CDC, there is an estimated 15 million people in the US suffering from joint pain. Normal everyday treatments range from ibuprofen, to icing, to physical therapy, all the way up to surgery.

How Chiropractic Can Help!

Sure ibuprofen helps take down the inflammation and makes us feel good, but what does it do to the body in the meantime? Did you know you’re supposed to take it with food to minimize its effect on your gut lining and kidneys? Taking it over long periods of time can wreak havoc on your body, causing long term damage to your kidneys among other things. Chiropractic on the other hand will not only look at the joint in question but the entire body to see what the root cause is. That saying is kind of cliche in the chiropractic world but it holds truth. What if the knee pain you’re experiencing isn’t originating from your knee?

Most of the time when you feel pain, its a compensation for somethings else. To stick to the knee analogy, say your right knee hurts so you lean to your left. Then your left knee starts to hurt. There’s nothing wrong with your left knee, so why is it hurting? It’s because it is compensating, which is exactly what happens in your spine as well. So, by looking at not only the joint in question but everything around it to find what might be causing it, we can make sure to eliminate it so it doesn’t come back.

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