Why do chiropractors use instruments when adjusting? What makes the integrator in TRT different than others? Do they use it because they aren’t good with their hands? Let’s find out.

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The Integrator

What makes the integrator used in torque release technique different than other instruments used is its extreme specificity. Not only Does it have the impulse to correct a vertebral subluxation, it can also add torque or spin to the adjustment as needed. This is something human hands have difficulty in doing. This specificity is the reason some use it over others who do not. To those who have never had it done, it still delivers the same amount of force to the subluxation without all the pounding. It takes a certain amount of force to move a bone, F (force) = M (mass) x A (acceleration), so the high acceleration allows to to be just as effective as a hand adjustment if not more.

We have found we actually get better results with the integrator than with the traditional way of adjusting. Less is more with the human body.


How is it different than other instruments?

The difference between an integrator and other adjustments is how specific it is. Other instruments do not allow the spinning action, just am impulse. it also fires off 3x faster than an activator which is similar to the integrator.

If you want to know more about this way of adjusting or hate the traditional method of adjusting, please call or make an appointment to see how we can help you and your family stay healthy!

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