Epilepsy is in the top four neurological disorders though it can be brought on at any age. In order to be diagnosed with it, you must have two or more unprovoked seizures. Later on we’ll see what epilepsy has to do with chiropractic and how it can help.

According to the mayo clinic, there are many causes as well as types of seizures. Typically, people during a seizure will glaze over and stare off, involuntary muscle jerking, and even loss of consciousness or awareness.

The exact reason for why we have the seizures is a mystery. What we do know are some ways to manage them. The first is with medication, though it can cause lethargy to the point where you are unable to function. This in turn makes working very difficult. Next, alternative medicine has seen help in managing and in some cases eliminating seizures from daily occurrences.

Chiropractic and Seizures

Chiropractic has seen many times that it can help with managing seizures if not eliminating them altogether. We as humans are always on the move and have stressors on our body all times during the day whether emotional, physical, or chemical. These stressors cause what are called vertebral subluxations in the spine. These subluxations cause stress on our central and peripheral nervous system. Chiropractors are trained to find and correct these misalignments or subluxations. This in turn will take the stress off your nervous system, most likely in the upper cervical neck.

Since chiropractors specialize in removing stress off the nervous system, it makes sense that this would help with the aberrant impulses sent out during a seizure to the brain and rest of the body. Taking the stress off will help to normalize the brain and function of the rest of the body therefore mitigating the appearance of the seizures.

If you suffer from seizures or know someone who does, call our office or a chiropractic office near you. If you live near our office and want to schedule and appointment to get checked out, follow the link below and fill out your information for our new patient special.


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