Why do we have pain? Is it good or bad?

Pain, although we hate it, can be a good thing. It’s part of the healing mechanism in our body to help indicate whether something is wrong or not, whether in our neck, back, shoulder, knees, ankles, etc. . Without it, we might break a leg, or pull a muscle and never know it and further injure it. It’s true we should try to avoid pain, but pain in itself is not a bad thing.

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Should I Take Medications?

To experience pain means you’re alive and able to heal. At Awaken Chiropractic, we are able to help assess the body, see what is wrong if something is out of place (vertebral subluxations), and correct it. Allowing the body to heal itself is second to none in the medical field. Sure medications help with pain after a surgery, but in ordinary circumstances, they slowly destroy your body and mask a symptom of dysfunction.

If you have an ache or pain in your body, it means something is wrong and you should get it looked at. If you merely take medications to alleviate that pain and do nothing about it, you’re potentially making it worse and worse. Do your body a favor and correct the problem so it doesn’t get worse. Come see us so we can help you figure out the source of your pain and correct your spine so it doesn’t come back.

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